La Datcha is a project space and Schrebergarten located in Volkspark Rehberge (Berlin Wedding) coordinated by Canadian artist Jessica Groome. During the summer months, La Datcha hosts local and international artists for projects, exhibitions, screenings and residencies. Since 2018, the garden offers a place to establish roots and to cross-pollinate beyond the conventions of a typical gallery setting. 

Operating on the fringes of the city, La Datcha has relied on word of mouth and close connections to persist. Despite a lengthy dormancy due to the pandemic, La Datcha has continued to grow, quietly within itself, experiencing a restorative night’s sleep.

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There is no official address for La Datcha

please use this GPS Location to find us
We are on the corner across from the American Football Club

Quartier Napoleon
Eichenweg 37

Further Tips: If arriving by car, taxi or BVG, use the address of AFC Berlin Adler e.V. (Allée du Stade, 13405 Berlin) to find your way. The
closest BVG stop is the M21 (Aristide-Briand-Brücke) or you can bike from the Ringbahn (Westhafen or Beusselstraße). Do not cut through
the graveyard as Google sometimes suggests. 

La Datcha does not maintain regular opening hours.

We are only open for special events or by invitation, so please check our instagram for up to date information about exhibitions and events.

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graphic design by Margot de Balasy