Jenine Marsh
July-August 2018

The leaf where she stopped slipped and her place was lost. The sheets flipped like butterflies, time sped up. It was a picture book of gardens, lawns, pools - a picture book for grown-ups who grow plants instead of children. 

The fetish of cultivation: as if I too were a plant, needing only water, soil and sun to grow. As if that’s all it took to love a thing. 

Her nails grew only dirt under them. Grey-black curves of ashy soil hidden under silver varnish - grimy coins balanced on edge, graves in moonlight one night after full. 

Propagation obsession: to make all things count up to more than one.
Vivisections presents a new body of work made by Marsh during her residency at La Datcha. Sculptural interventions using coins, clothing and garden structures speculatively aim to transfigure embodiments of value, materiality and plurality. 

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