Maggie Groat, Ella Dawn McGeough & Jessica Groome


20.08.22  from 15:00 - 22:00

Ella Dawn McGeough
Maggie Groat
Jessica Groome
performance by BRANES

design: Margot de Balasy

MG: artist in residence July 2022
EDM: artist in residence August 2022

During the summer of 2022, Maggie Groat & Ella Dawn McGeough were artists in residence at La Datcha working closely with Jessica Groome. For the months of July and August, La Datcha was transformed through a whirlwind of activity: sweeping, raking, weeding, watering, observing, playing, searching for spiders, renovating, gathering, assembling, watching, arriving and making. The culmination of their collaborative activities resulted in the exhibition The Future is Dark... I Think  part of the Project Space Festival Berlin.

Maggie Groat's research and travel for the residency was generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council, the Canada Council for the Arts and by the Regan Peacock Fung Memorial Art Fund, awarded by the Niagara Artists Centre in St. Catharines, Ontario.

exhibition poster & text

Project Space Festival 22
Piotr Pietrus
Colin Miner
Jessica Groome

[EDM] dream~form_Baba Jaga
jute, beeswax, pigment, plant material, found objects

[MG] proposals for webs
salvaged materials

[MG] Twin Garden
stone, objects, perennial plants

[JG, MG] RTLCMPSTING (plum) / snail-garland
compost mulch pile, paper, India ink, blackberry ink, moth bait, snail trails

[EDM] site~form_willkommen
flour, salt, blackberry, plant material, banana, cane sugar, beer, Aperol, pinot noir, Baba Jaga liqueur, LED lights

[EDM] site~form_moon-milk
conglomerate rock, glow stick, casein, zinc, baking soda, moth bait

[JG] recliner (August)
beach umbrellas, cardboard, paper, blackberry ink

[JG, MG, EDM] a screen for a projector is a portal
(projection from 7-10pm)
live stream projection from St. Catharines Ontario, milk protein fabric [dream~form_moon-milk, 2021], copper

sunset performance