08.10.22  from 13:00 - 16:00

Elisabeth Greinecker
Satoko Kako
Jessica Jang
Ron Siu

design: Margot de Balasy

NACHTPFLANZEN II is the second iteration of an exhibition held last July at HilbertRaum, Berlin. Based on Paul Klee’s 1922 painting Wachstum der Nachtpflanzen, we continue to work with a nocturnal theme, but within the context of the garden this time. Featuring the work of Elisabeth Greinecker, Satoko Kako, Jessica Jang and Ron Siu, we celebrate this time of harvest and hibernation, picking apples from the tree and making them into applesauce for the duration of the opening.

exhibition poster & text

[EG] Untitled

[SK] Floating Landscape
clay, glaze,  winter plants

[RS] Star Gauge
15 Phenakistoscope ‘pinwheels’ (Metal - Guilt, Metal-Intuition, Metal - Saw) digital prints on wooden dowels

[RS] Star Gauge (Metal - Guilt)

[RS] Star Gauge (Metal-Intuition, Metal - Saw)

[JJ] Travellers I
hanging banner, ink on canvas, bamboo

[SK] Floating Landscape

[RS, JJ] Star Gauge (Water- Insecurity, Water-  Bone),  Future Ancestors II

[RS] Star Gauge (Water- Insecurity)

[RS] Star Gauge (Water-  Bone)

[RS] Star Gauge (Water- Tears)

[RS] Star Gauge (Fire - Creativity, Fire- Pulse, Fire - Hate)

[RS] Star Gauge (Fire - Creativity)

[RS] Star Gauge (Fire- Pulse)

[RS] Star Gauge (Fire - Hate)

[RS] Star Gauge (Water- InsecurityWater- Tears, Fire - Hate)

[SK] Floating Landscape

[RS] Star Gauge (Wood- SourWood- Idealism, Wood - Constricting)

[RS] Star Gauge (Wood- Sour)

[RS] Star Gauge (Wood- Idealism)

[RS] Star Gauge (Wood - Constricting)

[RS] Star Gauge (Metal-Intuition)
animating with mirror

[RS] Star Gauge (Metal-Intuition)