Odey Curbelo
Tiziana La Melia

29.04.-  30.04.23

La Datcha’s final exhibition presents the work of Odey Curbelo Barrio Fino with a closing poetry reading Bitter Herbs, Strawberry Milk by Tiziana La Melia. This program of work was part of Sellerie Weekend, presenting over 60 of Berlin's project spaces and creating visibility for independent initiatives within a non-commercial context.

exhibition poster & text

design: Margot de Balasy

Odey Curbelo, Waterflight, oil on canvas, 2023

Odey Curbelo, Brisas del Palmar, oil on canvas, 2023 

Odey Curbelo, Maromas, oil on canvas, 2023 

Odey Curbelo, Jardín La Riviera, oil on canvas, trellis,2023 

Odey Curbelo, Be water my friend, oil on canvas, 2023 

Odey Curbelo, Jardines de la Reina, oil on canvas, metallattice, 2023 

Odey Curbelo, Sandokán el tigrede la Malasia, oil on canvas and Faux Red, glass, garden tiles, oil on canvas, 2023 

Odey Curbelo, Sneaky Kirchner, oil on canvas, 2023 

Tiziana La Melia, poetry reading, Bitter Herbs, Strawberry Milk